Welcome to local investing in Port Angeles

A Local Investing Opportunity Network is a loosely organized group of people with the goal of investing money in their local community.
     Here in Clallam County, COIN seeks to create opportunities for local investors and local businesses to network and form relationships.
     The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) limits  public offerings of shares/interest in a company (i.e. securities), unless there are proper filings and the people investing are considered accredited investors.
     There is a general exemption that the SEC does not regulate where the investors are friends with the people in whom they are investing.
     COIN hosts informal gatherings with the idea that friendships would form and the SEC guidelines would be followed should any investments occur.
    Any investments occur outside of a COIN meeting and are to be arranged by the participants themselves.

Advantages and Benefits for Investors

Local investing is personal and engaging. Local investors with the passion, time, and energy to evaluate local investing opportunities can put their money to work with growing businesses right here at home.
     COIN Investors do make money on local small business investments but local investing is as much about impact as it is about profits.
      Local investors can help expand businesses, create jobs, and increase the prosperity in their communities. Investing locally builds relationships and goodwill that last well beyond the life of a loan.
     Often the most exciting projects come about when investors work together, sharing expertise and insight.
     By drawing on the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of a group, COIN participants can find better investing opportunities and make better investing decisions .
     Traditional sources of investment advice such as accountants, brokers, financial advisors and attorneys do not always have the background to evaluate, understand, or encourage local small businesses.
     COIN investors have the opportunity to develop this critical local expertise.

Benefits to Clallam County Business Owners

Local small businesses looking to expand their operations need reliable ways to connect with local investors who can help these businesses achieve their goals.
     Local investments can increase chances of success for local businesses by improving access to capital beyond that of banks with tight restrictions on lending.
     Local investment can be a great alternative to costly credit cards.
     Businesses can use local investment money to pay wages to local employees and purchase goods and services from other local businesses, circulating dollars again and again locally, many times over. The resulting local multiplier effect increases prosperity across the whole community.
     Investors receive a financial return as well, completing the circle and making more money available for local investing. 
     Local borrowing, lending and investing bring communities together and build resiliency.